On the eve of 2018, a performance for the ageless. For 365 minutes linear (de)progression marks time. The woman, who inevitably matures to sweet delicious, begins to over-ripen. All alit by little blazes of white light.

This piece was inspired by time, and the ways in which we've constructed it. I rolled a lemon across the wall for three hundred and sixty five minutes. Each minute was demarcated by my pre-recorded voice counting it off, and at each count I changed direction. In this way a ten foot long yellow horizon line was made along the wall, just above the black line from the ink of the skirt I wore. At the end of this period I mixed a tube of my blood with white paint and traced the lines forming on my face--lines I've become obsessed with since turning thirty.

Running Out of Time was performed on New Years Eve at Ochi Gallery. Photographs by Pauli Ochi and MP Knowlton.