I went wild when McDonald’s offered blueberry oatmeal. It only lasted a summer, but for that summer I ate at McDonald’s for the first time in years.

Since I was a little girl blueberries have been my favorite. My father is an oceanographer and he used to work on Cape Cod during the summer. Enamored by the forests and fields of the Cape my mother and I spent the long summer days picking wild blueberries and laboriously making them into muffins, pies and jams. My taste for this fruit has never subsided.

For this performance I cover my torso and arms with blueberry jam that I made. My audience is invited to lick it off me. The jam presented on my body is an invitation for contact, an awkward outstretched arm waiting to be shuck. We live in times when vulnerable, physical connection between strangers is disappearing.

Performance as part of Irrational Exhibitions 9 at LACE. Photography by Annie Martens.