Blue Lips began in Bangkok on my 29th birthday with countless opportunities to buy sex surrounding me. I was in one of the city’s red light districts intent to have time with a Thai Ladyboy. Friend and artist, Emily Zuckerman, accompanied me. She acted as my Tom (masculine lesbian), and I was her Dee (femme lesbian). Together we found a beautiful Ladyboy with long black hair and blue lipstick. For 2000 Thai Baht (60 USD) we took her to our hotel room where, instead of sex, we sang ukulele songs and she imprinted her beautiful blue lips onto paper. In my performance I use the same hue of blue lipstick to perpetuate her mark. Through my lips I cover as much of this space as I can with Blue. Her mark extends beyond our one night encounter on December 28, 2016.

Far Bazaar 2017 at Cerritos College. Photography by Ramy Mourad.