Lara Salmon grew up in San Diego, California. She received her BA from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Claremont Graduate University. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Lara has worked primarily in performance since being introduced to the medium while studying in Beirut, Lebanon. She uses her body to bring together specific materiality in planned location, relating this to her given identity and its connotations. Lara often invites the audience to implicate themselves in her performances and the meaning they create. The work depends upon vulnerability as an objective and bold reflection.

Lara has been involved with developing several projects that unite art with refugee aid since the refugee crisis in Syria began. In 2013 her and her mother produced No Vacancy, an art show to raise awareness and funds for Syrian Refugees. Following this Lara became involved with a project that gave her the opportunity to make several trips to Jordan to meet with refugees and refugee aid organizers. She hopes to continue work of this nature in America and abroad.